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  • NBA買球軟件

    KG News

    • July 17th |KG IP Third Quarter Birthday PartyIn the mid-summer, we held our third quarter birthday party on July 17th – Balcony Music Party. Started with chorus Da Yu, the party brought several of music shows like clarinet, guitar, solo and antiphonal...

    • NBA買球軟件:GOOD NEWS!According to “National IPR Demonstration Enterprises Training Program” and “National IPR Dominant Enterprises Training Program”, now we publish the evaluation result of 2018 National IPR Dominant Enterprises. The publication period is from July 17th to July ...

    • June | KG IP in Lushan, Xi’an and Inner MongoliaEarly summer in June, there are bright sunshine and singing cicadas. In order to relax the sparetime life of staff, KG IP organized 3 long journeys to Lushan, Xi’an and Inner Mongolia for members ...


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